2014 Point in Time Count

June 14, 2013

Hold on, 2014 Point in Time Count? Isn’t it too early to think about that? It’s June Tom, c’mon? I have vacation plans, kids to take to camp, DIY projects, and I just ordered a Total Gym. Email me after Labor Day and we’ll talk, it’s way too early.

Too early you say? Did Barack Obama procrastinate before writing his monumental “Yes We Can” speech that propelled him into the annals of American political history? Did Neil Armstrong think it was too early to work out the kinks in that moonsuit while he prepared for one giant leap for mankind? Did our founding fathers tip toe around before drafting the Declaration of Independence and asserting our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Did Anderson Cooper think it was premature to go all grey? No, he’s the silver fox for a reason people!!!! Follow in the footsteps of greatness my friends. Wait no longer. It is your duty, as an American, to help forge the legacy of the 2014 PIT Count and be proactive in your efforts. Heed this call to action. Heed it!!!

And…….. scene.
So, with that said, either I’ve completely lost all credibility or you are pretty intrigued right now. I hope it’s the latter. As some of you may know, I am excited, honored, and a little intimidated to be coordinating the upcoming the PIT Count for MACH in 2014. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, MACH had a wonderful count last year, and it will be quite the challenge to follow in Tulae’s footsteps, but I am excited about building a great team for this year’s effort. While the results are finalized and the closing tabulations are made, we can already tell from the preliminary numbers that the county coordinators and all the volunteers were diligent in their efforts and produced a great count. Congratulations and thanks are in order to all that participated.

As the issue of homelessness is now a regular item on various city council agendas, it will be crucially important to repeat last year’s success and provide accurate data to both our city’s leadership and the general public.  It is my hope to build on last year’s success and establish another strong volunteer base for all of MACH’s 14 county area. If you are interested in volunteering this year, please email me. As we established earlier, it’s never too early.

Thank you for your efforts and interest thus far and I look forward to making this year’s count, with all of your help, another success.


Tom Bolton


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  • tbolton100 says:

    In addition, we are looking for strong county coordinators to oversee the local effort in each of MACH’s 14 counties. This is a great opportunity for leaders and experts in their community to step up during an important time.

    If any of the following topics interest you, consider taking on this role for your county…

    -The causes of homelessness
    -Program development to address homelessness in new and creative ways
    -Raising awareness in your community about homelessness
    -Identifying unmet needs of the homeless population in your community
    -Making your mark
    -Being awesome

    If you are interested, please email me. I would love to speak about this role with anyone that likes to make a difference. It’s never to early…


  • May Kirby says:

    So looking forward to this year’s count! We’re excited here in Richland County, and ready to prepare for a productive count and great outcome!

  • tbolton100 says:

    We are already making great progress. Thanks to all those that have agreed to be county coordinators in 2014.

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