Ask a Homeless Man

September 30, 2013

Ask a Homeless Man

Ask a Homeless Man


August 27, 2013

People point their fingers at a homeless man and say
“There goes another homeless man” instead of asking questions.
They’d be surprised what we have to say.
They’d say,
“I lost my job, my home and my family.
I couldn’t pay the bills.
I got caught up in the system.
Life made me this way.”

Listen to a homeless man
You’ll be surprised at what he might say.
They would say,
“Sometimes we feel like we’re fighting the Talliban.
I am the homeless man.
Do you hear what I pray?”
I say,
“Lord, if you’re looking for me,
I’m not far away. I am right here below.
Lord, I didn’t stray.
I am right among the homeless people, Lord.”

Look down.
Ask a homeless man.
I could be found.
In the crowd
Of the homeless ones.
“I’m out here, Lord,
Because of the world.
And, I know I won’t be homeless long.
If you have time, look down.”
Ask a homeless man.
Lord, look down.

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