Cultural and Linguistic Competency Summit 2017

Mar 23, 2017 in Events

Where: The Spirit Communications Park Conference Center, 1640 Freed Dr, Columbia, SC 29207.

Join the Joint Council for Children and Adolescents for a summit to discuss cultural competency.

The summit goals are to:

  • Increase professionals' capacity to effectively address cultural differences among diverse children and families
  • Equip agencies and organizations to develop protocols for providing culturally appropriate child and adolescent services and ongoing assessments of their cultural climate
  • Strengthen the agency’s and organization’s ability to identify and address cultural issues and trauma
  • Develop strategies to maintain the agency’s/organization’s commitment to diversity
  • View culture and differences from the strengths-based perspective
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to cultural competence

SCICH is proud to serve as a sponsor of this event.