The South Carolina Interagency Council on Homelessness understands the importance and value in collecting data for the homeless population.  It is this ongoing research and data that helps to document the need for change and keeps us striving for improvements to end homelessness.  The Interagency Council conducts its own research; however, we are grateful  for and understand the importance of collaboration among state agencies, local governments, the private sector and service providers.  In a joint effort, we can coordinate program development, deliver key services, and provide affordable housing.


Frequently Asked Questions


5 Year Strategic Plan to End Homelessness

2015 marked the end of the Coalition’s 10-year Blueprint to End Homelessness in South Carolina. SCCH drafted a new five-year plan outlining the goals we wish to pursue in the coming years.  Click here to view the Council's 5 Year Strategic Plan to End Homelessness.


Best Practices

Best practices are methods or techniques that have consistently shown results superior to those achieved by other means, and are used as benchmarks.  They are person-centered, housing-focused, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented, peer-integrated, and self-compassionate.